Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 2011 Tony Awards: First Reactions

Oh Tony Awards. Every year I think that this year's telecast might be better than last year's, and every year you manage to prove me wrong. It wasn't anything was obviously wrong per se. Unlike past years, the sound wasn't awful and no one got hit in the head with the set. However, it was just so boring that even I (a theatre devotee with an aversion to sports) was tempted to change the channel to the NBA finals just for something more exciting. Even live blogging it with the snarky but reluctant help of my brother and sister didn't make this year's awards any more exciting.

However, I will do some roundup posts on the evening's events, including posts dedicated to the performances for Best Musical and Best Revival of a Musical. Stay tuned for critiques, kudos, and snark aplenty later this week.