Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Honor of Independence Day: More 1776

I know that I blogged about 1776 two years ago, it is definitely a musical worth revisiting. While it isn't perfect, there is something very moving about it. Here are two of my favorite moments from the movie adaptation.

In the first scene, Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson fret while the Continental Congress read Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. However, despite (or perhaps in response to) the stress of waiting, the three men find time to bicker over what the national bird should be:

The second scene is considerably meatier and more dramatic. This scene follows the harrowing "Molasses to Rum" number, which one of the delegates from the southern states performs in response to the demands that slavery end. Adams, alone and shattered, tries to rally himself after the delegates leave the hall:

For more information on 1776, visit the musical's official web site.

Happy Independence Day!