Friday, June 25, 2010

Foodie Fridays: My Favorite Places to Eat in Nashville

Sadly, whenever I plan a trip home, one of the main things that my sister and I plot out is the restaurants we want to go to while I'm in Nashville. Although we should probably venture out and try more new places, here are my tried and true places to get a bite to eat in Nashville:

Anatolia: I know that there must be excellent Turkish restaurants in Boston, none that I have tried compare to Anatolia. Although this restaurant is situated in a strip mall, the food here is first rate. From the fresh bread and spiced olive oil served before each meal to the hearty (and generous) entrees to the decadent baklava, everything I've ever had here has been excellent. The one caveat to the place is that the service can be inconsistent, but I am willing to overlook a less than friendly waiter for the good food (and the good prices). If you are going through Hot Kabobs withdrawal (like my sister, who loved this tiny Nashvillian restaurant), Anatolia is a good choice.

Bobbie's Dairy Dip
: I used to eat here so much that it is embarrassing. Besides being deliciously retro (it is housed in an old drive-in), this restaurant also serves wonderful burgers, fries (Belgian style), onion rings, and soft serve ice cream.

The Cupcake Collection
: Cupcake places seem like a dime a dozen in almost any city, but The Cupcake Collection has a number of advantages over many (if not all) of them. In addition to the excellent frosting to cake ratio (they don't go overboard on the frosting, which is very important to me), the cake is always moist and light. This bakery also offers some delicious flavors, including strawberry (my sister's favorite), sweet potato, coconut cream, key lime, and red velvet. When added to the fact that the cupcakes are only $1.50 each (take that, Magnolia Bakery!) and that the staff is always friendly, this just might be cupcake heaven.

The Loveless Cafe: While it is a bit of a tourist trap, the Loveless has great country-style cooking (biscuits, fried chicken, country ham. My personal favorite things about the Loveless are the sweet tea and the biscuits and preserves that come with most (if not all) of the meals. If you can't make it to Nashville, the Loveless also ships its preserves, biscuit mix, and other items. While the biscuit mix can't compare to getting the real thing in the restaurant, it is an acceptable substitute.

Pancake Pantry
: This is another tourist trap, but it has certainly earned its reputation as being a place to go when in Nashville. With over 20 varieties, the pancakes are the main draw here, but definitely try the hash browns. Also, avoid this place on the weekend, unless you feel like waiting in line for what seems like an eternity.

: Located near Vanderbilt, this Asian grill is a hidden jewel among all of the fast food joints and chain restaurants in the area. Not only is it fast, it is also a pretty cheap place to grab a nutritious and tasty meal.