Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Thoughts on Evernote, Part II

So I've been using Evernote.com for almost a month now, and I still have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it does offer a lot of convenience and it keeps my notes in one place (at least in theory). If I think of something that I need to do at work, I can type it into Evernote and then easily access it on the web from my work computer. I've started using Evernote more to save web clippings and pages when I'm browsing online or when I find a recipe that I think I might like to try down the road. Not only does this keep me from cluttering up my bookmarks with these little pieces of information, it also ensures that I don't file a link away in a folder where I might forget about it.

Despite these uses, I'm still not completely sold on Evernote, and I don't see it replacing my trusty supply of Post-Its or Moleskine notebooks any time soon. If I'm sitting on the subway or am away from a computer, a paper note is the only way for me jot down something important. Furthermore, even if I use it to compile a shopping list or a list of books to pick up at the library, I still have to make a paper list so that I can use it when I am in the store or the library. Another issue I have with Evernote is the fact that it doesn't allow me to decrypt information through the web program. For instance, if I decided to save a password for something at work in Evernote, I cannot use the encrypt/ decrypt function because my operating system on my work computer does not work with the Evernote download for Macs.

Until I get an iPhone, I don't see Evernote replacing the more traditional means of taking notes and jotting down reminders. In the first month I have had it, I have created a grand total of 14 notes and used 6% of my allotted space. However, even if I never become a full-fledged Evernote addict or enthusiast, I do appreciate the options that it gives me, and I definitely plan to continue using it in the future.