Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Donora: My Newest Music Obsession

While I like to think that I have fairly diverse musical tastes, the truth is that my top 25 playlist on my iPod has an embarrassing number of show tunes and songs prominently featured on Grey's Anatomy. When I lived at home, my brother, who has truly diverse tastes in music and a genius for creating great mix CDs, was my source for finding new music. Since moving to Massachusetts, much of my new music comes from songs I've heard on television or from whatever is free on iTunes. However, while looking at the great PostSecret website the other day, I saw a video featuring the music of Donora. Not only is the music very catchy, interesting (in a good way), and cool, several of their songs are available for purchase on their MySpace site. My person favorites are "The Chorus" and "Shhh."