Friday, September 5, 2008

Confessions of a Rageaholic

I don't know if it is the start of school or just the general craziness that is life, but I've noticed that my rageaholic tendencies are beginning to show. While my rageaholism isn't nearly as bad was it was when I was working in retail, I know that I am becoming less patient and more annoyed with the people around me. From garden-variety rudeness (a lady with a full cart cut in front of me in the 12 items or less line) to the inexplicable and very disturbing popularity of Sarah Palin (who goes against almost everything I hold dear), I'm starting to silently fume on the inside, which will either lead to ulcers or to an Incredible Hulk-style explosion of impotent rage.

My first sign that this was happening came the other day when I happened to come across the innocuous PBS show Curious George. In the particular episode that was on, George was trying to prevent a squirrel from eating the seed he was putting out in the bird feeder. My first thought was that George should just kill the squirrel and that would solve a lot of problems. Yes, I know I need help.