Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Website Recommendation: Vocabulary & Free Rice

One of Mental Floss's Morning Cup 'O Links for today was Time magazine's 50 Best Websites for 2008. As a person who loves to waste time, I immediately headed over to the site to check it out. One of the cooler sites listed is for Free Rice, a website that gives rice to the UN World Food Program based on player's knowledge of vocabulary.

You may wonder how this is possible; well, head over to the site and check out the FAQs and About section to get more information. While you're there, spend some time playing and learn some new words. This makes me feel much better about the forced vocabulary lessons, quizzes, and tests I used to give my students (a surprising number of words were in our old vocabulary books). Sure, I will probably never use some of the words that I am learning (lignify comes to mind). However, it is a great brain workout (which never hurts) and it is for a worthy cause. If I'm going to waste time online, there are far worse things I could be doing.


Dorian said...

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