Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laundry Room Nonsense

Although my rent is high, there is a lot I like about renting an apartment. I like where it is located (near two subway lines). I like that my neighbors are usually quiet (except for that little kid who loves to yell and run up and down the hallway). I like not having to worry about getting appliances fixed or the other problems that come with home ownership (pest control, garbage pickup, etc.). I typically don't even mind sharing a single washer and dryer with the rest of the building. Usually my neighbors are very good about picking up their laundry when it is done, and barring malfunctioning equipment, I rarely have to wait to do laundry.

Unfortunately, today was an aberration. I went downstairs and noticed that the washer was free but someone had left clothes in the dryer. They seemed clean and dry, so I figured that this person was probably en route to the basement and started my laundry. Thirty minutes later, I went down to remove my clothes from the washer. The other person's clothes were still there in the dryer. I decided to wait a little longer, thinking that perhaps he or she had fallen asleep or went to run an errand and would be back soon. I was wrong.

After waiting an hour and a half after my clothes were washed for this person to pick up his or her dry laundry, I finally got annoyed and brought my heavy basket of clean (but wet) clothes up to my apartment. I now have clothes hanging from every hook, rack, bar, and chair back at my disposal. While I saved a little money, part of me wishes I were mean-spirited enough to reenact this Cheetos commercial.