Saturday, September 27, 2014

Literary Halloween Costumes 2014 Roudup

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm not much of a Halloween person. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) this, I'm amused to no end to see that one of this blog's most popular posts of all time is Literary Halloween Costumes, which was posted in October of 2009. Because I aim to please, I decided to do a roundup of all of my literary-themed Halloween posts as well as some of my favorite ones from around the web. Enjoy!
  • Literary Halloween Costumes (from 2009) - The original post came just a day before Halloween that year, so it focuses on costumes that you could probably throw together from things you have in your closet (Nancy Drew, Carrie, Oedipus Rex).
  • More Literary Halloween Costumes: Children's Literature Edition (from 2010) features Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, the titular Little Women, and The Cat in the Hat.
  • Literary Halloween Party Ideas (also from 2010) - If I were to ever throw a Halloween party, odds are it would involve at least one of these themes (my favorite is the romance novel-themed party with the Harlequin Presents favors/conversation starters).
  • Literary Halloween Costumes: Couples Edition (also from 2010 - I must have had an absurd amount of time back then...) has ideas for the bookish couple (romantic or platonic) pressed into going out on Halloween. Looking back at these suggestions, I realize that many of the couples suggested (Kathy and Heathcliff, the Phantom and Christine, Frankenstein and his Monster) are not exactly models of healthy relationships. On the other hand, they give functional couples a chance to act out in the name of being in character.
  • Literary Halloween Costumes: Comic Strip Edition (from 2011) - How awesome would it be to go as Calvin and Hobbes?
  • Literary Halloween Costumes: 2012 Edition (from 2012) - This list is a little shorter than my other ones (it was the first semester of my new job), but I still like the idea of someone going as Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen before Frozen took over pop culture.
  • Literary Halloween Costumes: 2014 Edition (from 2014) - After a year off, the latest edition of literary Halloween costumes includes ideas ranging from Bridget Jones to Dorian Gray to Miss Frizzle.
In case you need some more ideas, here are some of my favorites from around the web: