Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sites to Help You Survive Without Wheels in Beantown

As I near my anniversary of my move to Boston three years ago, I've been thinking of all of the services I have found that have made things a little easier. Here are a few services and sites that can help you get things done if you are carless in Boston:
  • RunMyErrand - I did an earlier post about this site, and while I still think that using it all of the time can get rather pricey, it is a great concept. Plus it has wonderful customer service (I actually had someone who worked for the site call me to get my feedback), and the runners I have used have all been very prompt and professional. If you need a little help getting things in the city, I highly recommend using this!
  • Zipcar - Despite my fear of driving in Boston, Zipcars can be very helpful. You rent cars for a set amount of time (anywhere from an hour to a day), and gas, parking, and insurance are all included! Also, the cars are located throughout the city, so it is pretty easy to locate one close to you.
  • and - Public transportation in Boston can be a little unpredictable, but it is still the cheapest way to get around the city. Both of these sites have tools that let you plan out your trip using the bus, subway, and commuter rail. Just be certain to check out the Red Sox schedule if you want to avoid insanity on the Green Line.
  • Roche Bros Grocery Delivery - For a long time, I was convinced that Peapod was the only delivery grocery company in town. However, I found Roche Brothers and am now a complete convert. Besides having a bigger selection of items that Peapod, the delivery people are very courteous and the entire company seems very concerned with the customer. I also recommend their stores, which a friend of mine described as "Whole Foods quality with Shaw's prices."
  • Foodler and GrubHub - Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking. However, food delivery is just a few mouse clicks away. Both of these sites show various restaurants that deliver in the Boston area. When you enter your address, they will only show the restaurants delivering to your area. It doesn't get much more simple than that!