Sunday, May 17, 2009 A Web Tour of Reviews

Okay, so I know that, in my last post, I said that the collection of reviews for the Tony noms would be a series. However, I have discovered a wonderful site that collects the most prominent theatre reviews in one handy place. is run by Ben Brantley of the New York Times. Besides Brantley's reviews, the site also has excerpts and links to other reviewers' (such as USA Today, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly) opinions on a given show. Since the alternative is to do the Google hit-and-miss searches for reviews, this is actually a very nice site for theatre lovers.

The site isn't perfect. For instance, the humorous pictures that signal what a given reviewer thought of the show (happy Ben with a thumbs up is for a positive review, apathetic Ben sitting on a fence is for a mixed review, sick/ disgusted Ben with a thumbs down signals a negative review) do not hint at the nuances of the review nor do they seem all that accurate (Brantley really thought his West Side Story review was positive? Really?).

Despite these small issues, if you are looking to kill some time on the internet or wanting to do some research on the upcoming Tony awards, is a great place to start.