Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break: Grad School Style

Sadly (for me) I only have a few more days of spring break left. However, looking back on my week, it really hasn't been all that different from my usual routine. Here's a (very boring) overview:
  • Monday: Yay - no 8:00 am meetings! Except, I have an 8:00 am grading session. Plus it's snowing. After grading exam essays, my grading partner and I critique each other's writing for an hour. Good times.
  • Tuesday: Work at the non-university job. The hours are flexible and the boss is fantastic, so I can't complain too much. I have dinner at the Roadhouse, eat a facsimile of southern food (pretty good onion rings and mashed potatoes, okay chicken-fried steak), and talk with a lovely couple at the next table.
  • Wednesday: Run errands; it is as much fun as it sounds. Get accosted at the mall by a lady selling flat irons. Eat substandard delivery food.
  • Thursday, part I: Go to Cambridge for more errands. Eat at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant (pretty good - lots of meat). Take the wrong bus and get momentarily lost. Went home, did laundry.
  • Thursday, part II: Fire alarm starts going off at 7:30 pm. Wait outside for 20 minutes for the firemen and police officer to determine that it was a false alarm. Go back inside and finish writing blog.
Beyond the false alarm, it has been a pretty quiet week. I wish I had been more productive in my school-related work, but I still have until Monday to produce something worthwhile. Wish me luck!